About us


INC-Tabar Group is an Israeli registered company established in 2001, aims to develop agriculture projects all over the world.

The company has proven performance, with its alliance as an controversial topics international agricultural projects’ developer, over the years, together we have gained vast experience and industry knowledge, in agriculture projects all over the world and in different weather conditions such as Russia, China, Vietnam, India, Angola, USA, Nigeria, Albania, Paraguay etc.

Our team consists of professional specialists within the agriculture sector. Such as greenhouse specialists, agriculture engineers, agronomists, economists, projects managers and agriculture trainers.  Moreover, providing the best Israeli products is one of our remarkable features in the international market.

Our vision springs from the willing to strive for excellence in providing the best services by using the right mechanization and consulting services which automatically leads for providing much more profits and sustainability for our clients. In addition to our general aim which is a better green world full of natural resources and finally maintain food security.



Directive Principles to Success for Agro development

We believe that the following principles are essential to triple domestic production in any country around the world:

  1. Address FOOD SECURITY and prioritize crops and fields to expandddd.
  2. Introduce more MODERN TECHNOLOGY and expand its implementations.
  3. Provide TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER for each and every farmer.
  4. Provide and arrange SERVICES of Mechanization, farm supply (fertilizers, seeds. etc) and crop processing (Post harvest) that every farmer can reach.
  5. Provide CAPACITY BUILDING and HUMAN EMPOWERING to farming communities, to strengthen their ability to cooperate, learn and work together.
  6. EXPAND the arable FARMING AREA to more regions whilst protecting the environment in sustainable way.
  7. Use RELETIVE ADVANTAGES when about friends essay developing any initiative. Don’t fight nature and use technology to overcome barriers. PLAN ECONOMICALLY and set clear targets for farmers profit and living standards.
  8. The Federal or State government has the responsibility to set-up a clear AGRO DEVELOPMENT POLICY that will lead the process.